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About Listen / Mission Statement 

Mission Statement

The Listen Campaign will use the power of creative artists, the media and creative industries to campaign for the needs and rights of the world's vulnerable and disadvantaged children – especially those who suffer from the scourges of poverty, disease, natural disasters, war and exploitation.

The campaign will use a unique platform combining new, traditional and social media, to build a worldwide community of supporters who will participate by Listening, Creating, Donating, Thinking, Recruiting, Promoting, Buying, Advocating, Investing and Celebrating. Children will talk in safety and with dignity about the problems they face and the community will discuss ways to address them.

The Listen Charity will provide grants, loans and other investments to children's projects and social enterprises that aim to alleviate the problems that vulnerable and disadvantaged children face. These projects will be designed to improve children's physical, psychological and emotional well -being, health, nutrition, education, shelter, play, creativity and economic prospects and to protect their rights as defined in the UN Convention on The Rights of The Child.

The Listen Charity will be efficient, open and accountable. It will report back to contributors and the Listen Campaign community on the impact of its investments and will do so quickly, frequently and with transparency.